A&R Manager

 A&R Manager

The A&R Manager is expected to oversee the administrative duties of the A&R department and assist with the creative execution of projects.
The A&R Department operates as the primary source of record making and vision casting with the artists.
He or she is responsible for locating and signing new talent and continuing to make records for currently signed artists.

As an A&R Manager, you will:

  • Learn the skills behind creating splits & contracts for songs
  • Develop the art of curating music for artists
  • Learn skills behind the logistics of bringing a song to completion
  • Gain an understanding of the song creation process
  • Sharpen your understanding of publishing & royalties
  • Learn project based management and coordination skills

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Document and file writer and publishing splits for all songs being released
  • Compile credits and liner notes for all songs
  • File management of tracks, songs, and hooks received from producers and writers
  • Update contract templates with correct information and prep for signatures
  • Help oversee administration of recording budgets
  • Submit invoices to accounts payable for payment processing
  • Coordinate travel, lodging, and transportation logistics for sessions, special guests, and creative clients, etc.
  • Assist with scheduling and booking recording sessions
  • Communicate effectively and in a timely manner with other Departments
  • Act as a talent scout for the A&R Staff
  • Hunt & collect hit songs and tracks for artists on the roster
  • Create and deliver weekly and monthly reports with the highest quality of tracks from producers and songwriters around the world
  • Develop strong artist relationships quickly and consistently
  • Assist in the creative direction of assigned projects
  • Communicate effectively with talent, producers, and songwriters

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of industry experience
  • Master’s Degree or higher
  • Highly organized with use of email and file management
  • Great communicator
  • Ability to oversee studio sessions
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Have a working knowledge of Pro Tools

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • Must have an extensive network within all levels of the music industry (i.e. managers, lawyers, publishers, booking agents, songwriters, producers, independent labels & publicists)
  • Must have STRONG relationships with quality up and coming producers and songwriters
  • Must have experience in the music business, a deep knowledge of music and music trends
  • 4+ years of industry experience, a Bachelor’s Degree in the music field or higher, or a combination of both (verifiable with resume, references, and copies of official transcripts)

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