General Manager

General Manager

The General Manager is the decisionmaker at a label, overseeing all aspects of an album’s creation such as marketing, budgeting, distribution, and promotional shoots.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Wear a lot of hats
  • Generate metadata and barcodes for a release.
  • Attend marketing strategy meetings with the label’s distribution department
  • An excellent understanding of what a successful campaign entails and how each department within the label contributes to that success.
  • Oversee video or photo shoots, marketing plan strategies, budgets and pricing,  social media strategizing with our social media teams, etc.

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • Must have experience using industry standard materials for project completion
  • Must have experience in the music business, a deep knowledge of music and music trends
  • Combination of 10+ years industry experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in the business, music, or arts fields or higher (verifiable with resume, references, and copies of official transcripts) Proven successful leadership skills

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