Creative Videographer

Creative Videographer

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Learn how to create video content for social media and marketing using Adobe programs (Premiere/After Effects)
  • Learn how to edit music videos, promotional videos, and documentary-style videos
  • Learn how to use a Red camera
  • Gain on-set experience for various forms of videos and films (music videos, documentary, promotional, etc.)

Operations Director:

An Operations Director oversees, designs, and redesigns business operations to be as efficient as it can be. Their job is to ensure safety and efficiency in workplace operations.

  • Learn project and office financial budgeting/bookkeeping
  • Learn how to plan office & outside client events
  • Gain experience by participating in HR duties 
  • Learn the day to day duties of operations and office management
  • Gain an understanding of the behind the scenes of a record label

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